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I became to broker to honor my daughter, Sadie, who lost her long battle with cancer a week before her 6th birthday. She and I had to move hours away from our home here for her treatment. On our worst days, we just wanted to go home but because of the aggressiveness of her cancer and treatment, we needed to remain near her treatment center. For four and a half years, we resided in extended stay hotels, charity houses, expensive (albeit tiny) apartments, always hopeful we were homeward bound…So, the idea of helping weary souls find that space to replenish and/or joyous souls find that space to celebrate provides my strong motivation. I can relate.

It is my ultimate goal to provide free housing to families who must travel for specialized medical treatment. It is my dream to own a clean, safe, home-like house near a pediatric oncology/hematology treating hospital for the sole purpose of housing families has they battle pediatric cancer. My heart is vested with children (and their families) undergoing the strenuous preparative regimen and enduring the recovery from bone marrow/stem cell transplants. It is my deepest desire for parents to be able to focus on their child’s well-being and recovery and not worry about searching for an affordable place to stay during the long path of treatment. I want to be successful in this career so I can find that house and so I can provide monetary assistance to families struggling through the worst days, months, years, of their lives. I can relate.

Now that your familiar with the reasons behind my strong motivation, you might be interested in my skill set. Besides being able to make a mean bowl of cereal, I acquired my bachelor's degree in political science from Wilmington's own UNCW. The research needed to sell your home or find your perfect space is my favorite vocation.

In my spare time, I enjoy running, fishing, speaking, hosting events, and etc for the purpose of advocating for pediatric cancer awareness and research.